Black Lives Matter

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In memory of George Floyd and the many other black lives lost as a result of police brutality, we at Califia Farms stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and all who are working to address oppression, inequality, policy brutality and systemic racism in our country and the world.
We hear you, we support you, and we are making a conscious pledge to step up and deliver even more on our company’s stated values of multicultural and ecological interdependence.

We do not have instant answers. We have been setting out on a deep engagement process with our employees, customers and suppliers to listen via organic and structured conversations about privilege, diversity, equity and inclusion in order to better hear and understand each other, and our unconscious biases.

Following this initial period of learning and planning, we will take concrete actions with measurable results including outlining our further corporate partnerships and donations.

Califia Farms is committed to advancing racial, social, and ecological justice within our company and in the communities we serve. We will share more with you in the coming weeks.