Caring for your world during a crisis

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Preparedness is the key to effectively handling any crisis — whether it’s a natural disaster or a fast-spreading virus. The steps you take now can make your future safer and more comfortable.

Just remember…you’re not in this alone! As members of the same human family, it’s our job to take care of one another — and all living things — through thick and thin. Here are 7 steps you can take to care for your world during a crisis:

1. Make sure you’ve got an extra supply of any prescription medications you may need, especially those that are lifesaving, such as heart or diabetes medications. NPR reports that some insurance companies are currently loosening their restrictions on refills. Everybody good? Check on your elderly neighbor.

2. Stock up on essentials, like toilet paper, toothpaste, feminine supplies, diapers, laundry detergent, disinfectant, contact lenses and lens solution, and batteries. Don’t forget the pet food, and while you’re at it, donate some to the local shelter.

3. Make sure your first aid kit is equipped with bandages, gauze, antibacterial ointment or herbal salve, aloe, arnica oil, and antiseptic wipes. If you have kids, consider adding some A&D ointment for diaper rash. As long as you’re putting in the effort to make one, why not make an extra for that overwhelmed single parent you know?

4. While you’re at it, stock your medicine chest with OTC or herbal pain relievers, antacids, and antihistamines, as well as cold/flu and allergy remedies. Buy doubles so you’ll have a surplus in case someone you know needs something.

5. Make plans for your little ones. If you’re able to take off work, can you host an outdoor playdate with the child of someone who can’t?

6. Strengthen your immunity by eating nourishing foods. This Creamy Vegetable Soup is full of healthy veggies and made creamy with plant-based milk. There’s no better food for sharing!

7. Stock your pantry with healthy, non-perishable food. Our Shelf Stable Almond Milk and Shelf Stable Oat Barista lend plant power to your favorite drinks, soups, dips, and dressings — and your body — no refrigeration required.