Creamy Hazelnut Cold Brew Martini

A rich velvety cold brew martini—the perfect pick-me-up for any day of the week.

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Jamie Silva is the creator, recipe developer and photographer behind A Sassy Spoon—a website for home cooks and food lovers looking for classic comfort foods recipes with a fresh, seasonal, and modern twist. Born and raised from Cuban parents in South Florida, she enjoys developing recipes that evoke memories of her childhood, her rich heritage, and all the foodie adventures she's had along the way.

This cocktail is a must-have at every holiday party, gathering and celebration you'll be hosting in the next couple of months. It's easy and creamy without the heaviness of dairy and the trouble of an espresso machine!



To a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add cold brew coffee, vodka, coffee liqueur, and hazelnut creamer. Shake for 30 seconds. Pour in martini glasses then top with chopped hazelnuts. Serve and enjoy!