Earth Day 2020: Nature on the Inside

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Is it significant that for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day we find ourselves quarantined inside, separated from the very thing we want to be celebrating?

We think it is.

There has never been a more crucial time, nor as great an opportunity for all of us to stand united in both defense and celebration of the environment. While these days are scary and uncertain, we are able to see that this forced slowing down of our pace of life is benefitting the earth in ways we will see for years to come. We hope that out of this devastating crisis, we will emerge with a new hope and a fresh fervor to do whatever we can to continue healing the earth.

Since we aren’t able to physically come together to celebrate Earth Day this year, we wanted to bring a little nature into the tech spaces we are currently relying on to stay connected. We asked our in-house creative team to create this pack of downloadable art for you to use on your computer, phone, social media and zoom (everyone's new board/living room). 

Click here to see all the options available for download! Use it, and share it however you like.  And help us Plant the Future, Together.