Hello OAT! Welcome to the Family

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Our latest and greatest collaboration with plants is here—meet our Oat Barista Blend! That's right, OAT.

Made with North American whole rolled, gluten free oats our Oat Barista Blend is completely unsweetened and has no gums or stabilizers. Creamy, rich and delicious, it tastes delicious by itself, steams amazingly with no splitting, and can easily create beloved latte art. Plus, it tastes dang-good by itself.

It’s no secret that oat is making a name for itself in people’s fridges and in local coffee shops. What makes it so popular? It tastes delicious – similar to traditional dairy milk but with a hint of natural sweetness, pairs perfectly with coffee, and has a fairly positive environmental footprint. It’s also a low-to-no allergen milk, especially if you use gluten free oats like us! 

So how is it made? Well we can’t dish all our secrets but ours uses some pretty simple ingredients like oats, water, sunflower oil, minerals and sea salt.

The new Oat Barista Blend joins our already-beloved Original and Unsweetened Almondmilk Barista Blends. Available – in abundance – mid-February at a coffee shop near you, or on CalifiaFarms.com. And stay tuned for more news about our 48-ounce Unsweetened Oatmilk landing on grocery store shelves later this year!