How to Make an Almondmilk Latte: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Champion barista shares his secrets on how to make the perfect almond latte.

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almondmilk latte

Some mornings, the last thing we want to do is fumble into the kitchen to foam up a latte at home. Convenience tends to win out in the wee hours.

But we were recently in San Francisco with friend and champion barista Devin Chapman, who dispelled the myth that steaming Almondmilk is difficult. It’s made easier with our extra-stretchy Barista Blend Almondmilk, but these steps should ensure a velvety smooth Almondmilk-infused cup of coffee. Grab some Barista Blend and give it a shot at home.

Step 1: Make your espresso. You’ll want to brew it as (or right before) you steam your Almondmilk to ensure that it doesn’t set while you’re steaming*.

almond milk latte step 1

*If it does set, give it a little swirl, like so:

almond milk latte step 1a

Step 2: Pour Almondmilk in your pitcher. Not too much, not too little. Devin filled this pitcher up a little less than halfway.

almond milk latte step 2

Step 3: Steam your Almondmilk. You do this by putting the steam wand tip on the surface of the Almondmilk in the pitcher. It should make a whisper noise when done right, and only take a few seconds. “Psssssssst” means you’re about to have one delicious latte.

almond milk latte step 3

Step 4: Roll your Almondmilk. This raises the temperature so the drink is hot and enjoyable. This is done by putting the steam wand tip just below the surface so that it may warm the Almondmilk for up to a minute. Place your hand on the side of the pitcher to check the temperature, and when it’s too hot to touch, you’re done. Take the wand out of the pitcher and turn the steamer off.

almond milk latte step 4

Step 5: Clear the steam wand. Hold a towel around the bottom (careful not to cover the opening at the end) and turn the steamer on then off. Steam will shoot out of the tip and clear out any residual moisture.

almond milk latte step 5

Step 6: Swirl the almondmilk and let it sit for a minute. This kills the bubbles to create a clean white canvas. Devin’s analogy was that “it should look like wet paint.” Firmly tapping the bottom of the pitcher against a countertop is also a good move.

almond milk latte step 6

Step 7: Immediately go into your pour. Angle your coffee cup towards the pour spout of the pitcher and pour at a steady pace. 

almond milk latte step 7

Step 8: Incorporate some latte art into your drink for a beautiful presentation and that “wow” effect.

almond milk latte step 8

Stay tuned for a video tutorial of how to make an Almondmilk latte, with Devin talking you through the process. You can mimic his hand movements and make your own any time. But beware: people will start begging you to make them one!