Iced Hazelnut Mocha Cafe Con Leche

A frothy dairy free iced cafe con leche made with sweetened Cuban coffee, chocolate chips, hazelnut creamer, + almond milk.
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Jamie Silva is the creator, recipe developer and photographer behind A Sassy Spoon—a website for home cooks and food lovers looking for classic comfort foods recipes with a fresh, seasonal, and modern twist. Born and raised from Cuban parents in South Florida, she enjoys developing recipes that evoke memories of her childhood, her rich heritage, and all the foodie adventures she's had along the way.

A note from the chef:  Cuban cafe con leche is usually made with whole milk because of its creamy, frothy nature. I, however, really wanted to make a version for my “team non-dairy” family and friends that can no longer stomach whole milk. And I think I found the perfect formula for an extra frothy cafe con leche.



In a mug, add chocolate chips and pour hot espresso on top of the chocolate chips. Stir the espresso until chocolate chips melt completely. Stir in condensed milk or sweetener of choice until dissolved. Set aside. Into a milk frother, add almond milk and hazelnut creamer. Froth the milk and creamer until it gets foamy and thick. Set aside.