Plants Are for Everyone

Like you, you, you and you!

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Almond BloomYou might have noticed that at Califia Farms, we’re crazy about plants. But why? To explain it in a single word: potential. When we look at plants, we see nothing but bottomless potential.

Plants can nourish people. Plants can restore the planet. Plants can be transformed into medicine, fabric, construction materials… and they can do it all sustainably, renewing their own supply and healing the planet all along the way.

It’s these endless possibilities that have us feeling so passionate about plants. What’s just as cool is the realization that we’re not alone in this. More and more people (and brands) are catching on to the fact that plants aren’t just for green thumbs and hippy dippy vegans. Plants are for everyone. Not sold? Just hear us out.

Plants Can Do Clean Energy

You can’t meet your goals or crush your to-do list without energy. Good thing plants have you covered. There’s coffee, of course, the most popular stimulant in the world. But that’s only the beginning. There are plenty of other plant-based energy boosts with their own unique styles. For instance, matcha offers long-lasting energy by slowly feeding your body caffeine and green tea compounds that promote calm and focus. Energy, calm and focus? Who doesn’t need more of that?

the glow

Plants Can Do “The Glow”

Some people just look healthy. What’s that all about? Well, it usually comes down to their skin. Plants like almonds contain vitamin E, a nutrient that improves the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. And when your body’s got plenty of vitamin E, it leads to healthy skin and that magical “glow”. No need to consult your stylist; it’s a good look on absolutely everybody.

Plants Can Do Foodie-ism

You knew this one was coming. Plants can taste so good in so many different ways; it’s almost absurd. Sweet, sour, savory, creamy, citrusy. They can do it all. That means no matter what you’re into, there’s a way to eat plants that will blow your mouth’s mind. Not to mention all those nutrients your body’s gonna love. Check out plant-based chef, Greg Arnold — he’s showing the world that plants can play more than a supporting role on your plate.


Plants Can Do Balance

Life is one big balancing act. This goes for the systems inside your body and the planet as a whole. Plants play a major role in helping us find that balance. Compounds found in cacao and turmeric boost production of antioxidant enzymes, protecting your body from free-radicals and preventing the buildup of toxins. And guess what? Plants do the same thing for the planet. Our rainforests act as massive air filters, taking pollution out of the air and bringing balance to our atmosphere. Everywhere you look, plants help create the balance needed to sustain life.

Plants Can Do Creativity

Much like plants, your imagination also has limitless potential. Bring them together and things can get interesting. Terrariums, jack-o-lanterns and gardens are just a few examples of plants as media for self-expression. This goes to show once again that plants are for everyone, especially the crafty, creative types.


Plants can do it all. That’s exactly why we can’t stop talking about them. Crafting, concocting and cold-brewing them. Eating them.  Being inspired by them or simply enjoying their beauty in nature.

The more we discover about plants, the more impressed we are. We dream of a world where everyone is as “plant-curious” as we are. Because no matter the problem, there’s a good chance plants are at least part of the solution.