When “I” is replaced with “we,” even illness becomes wellness.

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When “I” is replaced with “we,” even illness becomes wellness.

In uneasy times, leaning into community can be helpful both practically and emotionally. 

But when we’re forced to isolate ourselves from other people, it can be a challenge to feel the sentiment that “we’re all in this together.” 

The truth is: we are. 

Though each of our circumstances look very different as we navigate this time of uncertainty, there are ways each and every one of us can help those who need it. And as we look out for each other—in small ways, or in big ways if possible—we inevitably help ourselves. 

Califia Farms is immensely privileged to be part of an industry that can help alleviate some 

of the stress created by quarantine. One of the ways we are helping is by donating products to the following list of charities and organizations:  

The Los Angeles Food Bank 

Meals on Wheels 

Metro Café 

Lunch on Me 

Here are some quick and easy ways just about anyone can help their community, even as we physically isolate from each other. Because turning “illness” to “wellness” is something we can work towards, together. 


  1. By now a lot of us are on the video chat train. It’s an easy way to stay connected to those we love while we’re unable to see them in person. Maybe think of someone you know who is isolating alone, and see if they’re up for a quick check-in. Even a three minute “how you doing?” conversation can lift spirits these days.
  2. Restaurants, cafes, and bars are among the hardest hit businesses. To support your favorite local restaurants consider ordering takeout or purchasing a gift certificate to give to someone or use later. 
  3. Social media usage is up across the globe. As we shelter in place, it’s a great way to maintain a sense of connection to the outside world, but it’s also proven to spike anxiety as our feeds are flooded with scary headlines. Consider limiting your social media usage throughout the day, taking breaks for your own mental health. And when you do go online, let’s seek out the positivity and choose to spread that when we can.
  4. Volunteering has become more difficult in these quarantine days, but some organizations have set up ways to volunteer remotely. Crisis hotlines (both phone and text) are always looking for volunteers willing to be trained in crisis support and prevention. You can also volunteer to befriend an elderly person with weekly phone calls to check in and chat. https://covia.org/services/social-call/ 

Because, we’re all in this together.