Sweet Potato Soul's Dairy Free Tzatziki

Fresh dip or sauce with added benefits.
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Sweet Potato Soul's Jenné Claiborne grew up in Atlanta eating classic Soul Food—fluffy biscuits, smoky sausage, Nana's sweet potato pie—but thought she'd have to give all that up when she went vegan. As a chef, she instead spent years tweaking and experimenting to infuse plant-based, life-giving, glow-worthy foods with the flavor and depth that feeds the soul. 

When making the switch to a more plant based lifestyle, it can be super hard to give up dairy products. Our Unsweetened Probiotic Dairy Free Yogurt serves as an excellent dairy substitute in dips, sauces and other recipes that call for yogurt.

Talented vegan chef, Jenné Claiborne, has created dairy free Tzatziki, a popular dip or sauce traditionally made with greek yogurt, with our Probiotic Yogurt and it's beyond tasty. With fresh flavor and ingredients, this sauce pairs perfectly in sandwiches, wraps, salads, and with falafel and pita chips!



Put the shredded cucumber between two paper towels (or inside of a nut bag), and squeeze the excess water out. Place the drier cucumber into a bowl, and add the remaining ingredients. Stir well, and season to taste with more salt if needed.

Serve immediately, or allow it to marinate for about 1 hour before serving for even better flavor. This vegan tzatziki will stay fresh for 3-5 days, and the flavor becomes better each day.

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