The 7 Most Curative Roles of Super-Spice Cinnamon

Every culture that discovers cinnamon finds a different healthful use. 

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Cinnamon has been hanging out with humans since we started writing things down. And for good reason. Cinnamon makes an incredible pal, partner, shaman… you name it. From keeping bad smells at bay to soothing stomach aches, cinnamon has always been on our side. Here are just seven ways cinnamon plays a healthy part in our lives:

1. Healer

Across millennia and continents, cinnamon has soothed stomach aches, regulated menstruation, and — mixed with ginger — fought the flu.


2. Knight in Shining Armor

When free radicals (pro-oxidants) attack healthy cells, we need anti-oxidants to tip the scales.  Jam-packed with ’em, cinnamon combats free radicals more powerfully, and chivalrously, than garlic or oregano.


3. Dentist

The main active component of cinnamon is called cinnamaldehyde (yes, it’s really called that). With its antifungal scraper and antibacterial polish, it can prevent tooth decay and bad breath.


4. Aromatherapist

In ancient Egypt and Rome, cinnamon oils masked gnarly scents like embalmed mummies and burning pyres. Today we spray cinnamon on pine cones hung from the ceiling for indoor aerial potpourri.


5. Superstar Chef

Incredible with chocolate, amazing in coffee, and crucial on root vegetables, it’s a mystery why cinnamon isn’t available in packets. It’s also the key ingredient in our Classic Cinnamon Horchata


6. Aphrodisiac

Cinnamon takes no responsibility for what may happen when you dine with attractive friends.


7. Brain Booster

Research shows that cinnamon’s scent can enhance memory and attention. So let’s remember to keep our cinnamon shakers next to our crockpots and laptops.