We Owe It To You, Mamas!

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Our mission at Califia Farms to return food to its original, nourishing purpose has always been inspired by Queen Califia, the radiant queen you see on our curvy bottles. She was a mythic warrior from the Sixteenth Century who fiercely defended the land that we now know as California, her namesake. Queen Califia knew the ability of her bountiful land to nourish her people. She protected and respected that nature, while living in harmony with it. 

We believe there is deep wisdom to be gleaned from Queen Califia and her story during these trying times, and today especially as we celebrate Mother’s Day. 

The protective and nourishing qualities of women in general, and perhaps mothers in particular, are undeniable. We believe that goes for both biological mothers, and also women – friends, aunties, neighbors, nannies – who play an active maternal role in the life of another.  

The extraordinary thing about mothering and providing nourishment physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for your childrenno matter how exhausting and constant it can feel, is that we are nourished in return. Just like nature, as we work to heal it, we receive healing ourselves. 

It is also true, though, that the moment we are living in right now has been particularly demanding on moms. We are wearing all of the hats all of the time and all under one roof: mother, partner, boss, employee, sister, daughter, and now add teacher to that mix. It’s a lot. And while most of us would choose the challenge of motherhood over and over again, there are also moments in life like the pandemic we are living through at the moment, where moms deserve an extra shout out.  


“The very fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you already are one.” 
- Jodi Picoult, “House Rules” 


Here at Califia Farms, we want to take a moment to recognize mothers. We know that your time these days is pinched. We know that your efforts to keep homeschooling and work and relationships on track, and nourishing food on the table, and fun quarantine activities planned is exhausting. And we know that on some days you worry you’re not doing anything very well at all. But we see you, and the mothers among us at Califia Farms are right there with you.  

So here’s a great big THANK YOU for the sacrifices you make for your children, for the hopes and dreams you have for a better future, and the work you do to invest in them through nourishing and nurturing your children.   


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We owe it to you, Mamas! 
Let’s Plant the Future, Together.