What Made You Smile Today?

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In what feels like the blink of an eye, the whole world changed. We now find ourselves in a completely new reality and these uncertain, fast-changing days can take a heavy toll on us both practically and emotionally.

Here at Califia, we started a little practice to help rebalance the scales, if only for a moment. At the end of every day we ask our team, “What made you smile today?” Sharing these little joys helps to lift spirits and keep our eyes open to the silver linings we might be able to find during these unprecedented times.

We hope you enjoy our little moments of joy, and would love to hear yours, too!


Krystle, Brand Marketing Manager: 

My livestream Kundalini class on Rama TV with the magical Guru Jagat and watching the sunset from my backyard with my dog Fonz. 


Nicole, Sr. Designer: 

My partner and I replaced an old hard-wired light in the ceiling all by ourselves. Felt pretty good to learn a new thing (electricity is cool!) and not get zapped. 


Mike, Sr. Creative Producer: 

I woke up at 6 and meditated, stretched, wrote in my gratitude journal and had coffee with my wife and 3 pets.  A great way to start the day.


Dakota, Events and Partnership Manager: 

I discovered 2 new career and personal growth podcasts and caught up on ones I subscribe to that I’ve been lagging on. Went for a walk around the neighborhood and spoke to multiple people in my life I haven’t kept in contact with.  


Jenay, Sr. Manager of eComm and Digital:

Morning, noon, and evening walks with my pup.  


Faisal, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing:

I normally wake up and head to work pretty early and normally don’t get to see my son in the morning.  I’ve been enjoying home-cooked breakfasts and spending more time with my wife and 2-year-old son. 


Maddy, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager: 

Taking the time to make a pot of coffee in the morning and trying a new recipe by @thewoodenskillet - Vegan Cheesy Broccoli Potatoes for lunch. Then FaceTime ‘n’ wine with my girlfriends in the evening and tackling a 1000-piece puzzle with my partner.   


Michael, Creative Project Manager: 

FaceTiming with my Mom brought me the biggest smile. 


Caroline, Lead Designer: 

A beach walk with my dogs and running into friends for some 6-foot-spaced conversations.


Lisa, Director of Experiential:  

Having all my kids gathered around me to talk about what our day looks like, reset our attitudes and connect as a family first thing in the morning has been one of my favorite daily family traditions and makes me smile every morning. 

Join our team and tell us below, What Made You Smile Today?