Where to Find the Best Vegan Doughnuts Across the U.S.

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You could try to tell us there’s a better on-the-go breakfast treat than a good ol’ doughnut, but we’re certain to find holes in that argument. Bagels are a pretty tasty cousin of the doughnut, but they are lacking the indulgent flare. Smoothies are delicious, too, but can be less enjoyable in the colder months. At the end of the day, when we’re looking for a special treat to go along with our morning coffee, a doughnut just hits the spot. 

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite places to grab a vegan doughnut along with a Califia Farms oatmilk latte. 

Brooklyn Whiskers — Brooklyn, New York

vegan donut and donut hole

The folks at Brooklyn Whiskers know their way around a great plant-based doughnut. They’re known for their Old Fashioned doughnuts, which come in classic, chocolate, apple cider, carrot cake and lemon poppy. 

Canary Cafe — Houston, Texas

 vegan sprinkles donut and latte

Canary Cafe is a new kid on the block in Houston, but their pastry and coffee offerings will not disappoint. Flavors like Vanilla Chai Spice and Matcha Tea really showcase their penchant for fun and fresh flavor profiles, and it’s worth mentioning they’ve got a really talented group of baristas and bakers in the background. 

Timeless Coffee — Berkeley & Oakland, Calif.

vegan chocolate donut

As the first 100% vegan coffee roastery and bakery in the country, it’s no surprise that Timeless Coffee gets the vegan doughnut right. Their classic chocolate cake doughnut with sprinkles is a big hit, and seasonal favorites like Pumpkin Spice are popular as well.

Make It At Home

poppyseed donut

If you don’t live close to one of these joints, make your own vegan lemon poppyseed buttermilk doughnut at home using Califia Farms Dairy-Free Unsweetened Probiotic Yogurt Drink from Masala in my Kitchen. Click here to check out her recipe, pictured above.