Probiotic Dairy Free Yogurt

Plant-based, dairy free, delicious, drinkable yogurt. Powered by the Califia Culture Blend: 10-billion live, thriving probiotic CFUs.


Welcome to a New World of Dairy-Free Probiotics

There’s more than one way to get your daily dose of good bacteria! With Califia Farms dairy-free probiotic yogurt, you can enjoy the deliciousness and nutritiousness of the original stuff, minus the dairy. Our plant-based yogurts are crafted from a batch-fermented yogurt with almonds, coconuts and oats. They’re then bottled into a creamy, drinkable yogurt that’s jam-packed with good-for-you stuff, including 10 billion gut-friendly bacteria.

We set the standard for premium plant-based milk at Califia Farms, and the same goes for our dairy-free probiotic drinks. If you’ve limited or cut out dairy all together, you won’t miss the rich and creamy texture of yogurt thanks to these probiotic powerhouses. And getting your bacteria was never easier with these richly flavored beverages. The Califia Culture Blend is fermented with the BB-12 strain, which is known for its support to the immune and digestive systems. Alone, this strain can help balance the gut to keep you feeling great.

Why Probiotics Matter

You already know there’s a great, big world of bacteria living inside you. Sometimes it can get out of whack, causing turmoil in the digestive and immune systems. To keep your gut biome perfectly balanced, it helps to introduce some of the healthy bacteria back into the mix through healthy foods. Friendly bacteria like BB-12 can prevent issues of imbalance that lead to gut woes.

Try this tasty, dairy-free probiotic drink in both single-serve options and full bottles, Califia Farms yogurt is easy to enjoy throughout the day. They’re available in Unsweetened Plain, Strawberry, Mango and Super Berry, all of which are made with real fruits and our proprietary Califia Culture Blend.