About Califia Farms

Cal-i-fia: Pronounced like California. But without the "orn". So now you know where we're from, too. 


Eat. Drink. Non-Dairy.

As our founder, Greg Steltenpohl, says “You can criticize the food industry, or legislate it, or you can just create something different, something better”. Califia Farms is returning food to its original, nourishing purpose. We apply creativity and innovation to craft a wide assortment of delicious plant-based products including plant milks, dairy free creamers, cold brew coffees, probiotic dairy free yogurts and citrus juice. Made with real ingredients, Califia is committed to reducing sugar. In fact, Califia has reduced sugar by 57% since 2014 through new unsweetened offerings and lowering sugar in existing products. All this packaged in our signature, curvy bottles.


Protecting Nature’s Bounty

Our current food system needs help – and it’s time to give nature, and animals, a break. The impact of meat and dairy makes it more important than ever to make plants the stars of our diets. Plant-based foods require less water and land while polluting less than their animal-based counterparts. We truly believe that plants can power tomorrow, and that each plant-based choice can add up to one big change. At Califia, we want to produce better products, but we also want to make them in a better way. That’s why we value working directly with our farmers and are constantly looking for ways to improve the footprint of our own operations. To learn more about sustainability at Califia check out our FAQs.


Our Muse: Queen Califia

Drawing on Califia Farms’ deep roots in California, founder Greg Steltenpohl became inspired by the legend of Queen Califia, the beautiful Queen of color who has come to be known as the “Spirit of California.” Her story was memorialized in an ancient text published as a Spanish novel in 1510, in which the mythical Queen led a formidable army of women warriors who protected their bountiful paradise, later to become recognized as the state of California. We share her passion for protecting and nourishing our environment and our community. Queen Califia is both the symbol for our brand and our muse as we build a modern army of wellness warriors, nourishing and inspiring others with the power of what plants can do.